Message from site creator…

Some things change, while others stay the same.

Streaming quality has improved tremendously over the past decade, and the equipment cost has dropped to a point it is no longer prohibitive to broadcast sporting events on the internet. As a result there are more and more games each year.

What hasn’t changed is the level of high school hockey in Minnesota. It still enjoys a passionate following, with many supporters living outside the state and even in other countries.

Watching Puck was created because it was hard for me to find games I wanted to watch, or I was unaware some games were available. Feedback was wholly positive, but a sponsor was not found to justify the continued effort.

Someone fortunately stepped up to do the heavy lifting as site curator for the 2019-20 season. The site remains free to use. Without a sponsor, donations will be accepted. I was hesitant to go this route, but many people said they’d like to see the site remain active and were willing to contribute so that can happen. Contributions will be split between the game curator and this site’s founder. Gratitude to all who use Watching Puck, with a little extra to those whose modest funding justifies its continued existence.